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work remotely

work & train on your schedule

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build your own team

marketing material available

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personal mentors

virtual Marketing agent

work remotely

work & train on your schedule

online training courses

marketing material available

build your own team

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Why Become a Tax Preparer?

If you want the potential to earn money while working a gratifying job that helps others, tax preparation may be an opportunity for you! 

With the high demand for preparers, tax preparation is a great way to jump-start a stable professional career with a flexible schedule and opportunity for growth. 

If you are a current business owner this is a great match and win for your current clientele.

work as a tax preparer from anywhere, home, office the beach you choose.

we will train you and help to guide you to the world of income taxes.

Why Become a Marketing Agent?

Do you want to earn lucrative income for spreading the word about us? 

Here’s the even better part, you don’t need to have previous experience or quit your day job!

 We realize nothing equals the value driven of word-of-mouth referrals. As a Marketer, you’ll use your influence and word-of-mouth along with our marketing tools to drive referrals to use our services.

Get paid a generous commission to be the face of the company. Promote the products and services that are second to none.

We offer you a secure portal to track your referrals as well as ongoing Live and online training to become the best Marketing Agent Possible.

Residual Income Opportunities

We offer opportunities to create permanent and passive income! 

There are people that need help financially and need guidance to achieve their financial goals. 

From healthcare, credit repair and wellness.  

To financial services and professional tax preparation, and insurance, you can be sure our products and services are attractive and affordable for individuals and businesses alike.

Come find out how to make a great living and assist those in need of outstanding products and services.

Come and partner with Quintessential Alliances.



Virtual Insurance Agents

We offer opportunities for Virtual Insurance Agents. Licensed and Unlicensed 

We are here to assist you to grow your book of business and offer your clients the best in insurance products, all while receiving a residual income.

No longer do you have to rush to the office, let us show you how to run a home office and schedule appointments in the field and create an outstanding source of income in the process.

Our agents are licensed with some of the top Insurance agencies in the business.

Check us out today!!

virtual accounting services
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We will be adding virtual accounting and bookkeeping services to our menu of products we offer by summer 2020.

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